New onMason Features and ScholarPress

The following new features have been added to onMason via plugins:

  • Use aggr to embed RSS feeds in your posts.
  • Create footnotes.[1.Using the FD Footnotes plugin, like this]
  • Private WP allows you to lock down your blog to make it invisible.
  • Publish2 is a link journalism tool. It has been auto-activated over all blogs as part of the testing process. If it is interfering with your blog, you can now turn it off from your plugin panel.
  • Riffly Video/Audio comments has been activated over all blogs. It gives all onMason blogs audio and video commenting systems by default. You can turn it off, or replace the commenting system using DISQUS
  • VodPod integration: VodPod is a site that allows you to collect and bookmark videos from any number of websites. You can now activate the VodPod plugins and display your VodPod gallery using a widget or by typing [Insert Video Gallery] into your post.
  • You can activate threaded comments from the plugin page.
  • You can now activate a Flickr widget to display your Flickr stream on your blog.
  • You can now go to your widget page and activate a widget to display your delicious stream.
  • You can display your Twitter stream using a new built-in widget. (Issues with Twitter’s API may cause tweets not to show up.)
  • You can create polls using the PollDaddy Polls plugin, made by the creators of WordPress.
  • Trackback and Comments RSS feeds are now available through the Subscribe to Comments page.
  • Users can now subscribe to your blog via e-mail when you activate the Subscribe2 plugin.

We have also launched support for ScholarPress, a set of plugins developed by Mason’s own Center for History and New Media. The first plugin is WPBook, which allows you to generate a Facebook app that will allow others to add your blog to their Facebook pages or profiles. The second plugin is called Courseware and allows you to manage a class using your onMason blog. You can use Courseware to “add and edit a schedule, create a bibliography and assignments, and manage general course information.”

Please report any problems or issues you have with the new plugins.

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