Archive for June 13, 2009

Email Notifications

The onMason administrative team can now send out e-mails to users. Any user who has opted out of receiving email from onMason will not receive admin emails.

Assign Your Own Password

New sign-ups for onMason will now be able to assign their own password when they create their account.

TOS Now Required for Signup

All future blog sign-ups will be required to agree to the Terms of Service before activating their account.  Please note, that any current accounts are still covered by the Terms of Service, which is available through the onMason front page.

Friends System Online

We’ve initiated a Friends social networking system for onMason. As of this week you will be able to friend other bloggers, be friended by other bloggers and assign an avatar to both your username and each of your blogs. There are now two associated widgets that are available on all blogs. The friends widget allows […]