Archive for June 8, 2009

Global Tags now Initiated

You can now find global tags for all onMason blogs through our global posts area. The color scheme is not final. The global tag page was built using a combination of plugins and displayed through the Tagnetic Poetry plugin.  It will be interesting to see how the page does under a heavier load. Please comment […]

More HTML Tags for All!

All onMason sites have now been updated to support standard iFrame and embed tags without any issues or errors.  You can now use most common HTML tags without any problems.

Full Podcasting Suite Now Available

You can now use advanced podcasting functionality through the Blubrry PowerPress plugin. PowerPress is the same plugin used by professional podcasters worldwide and supports full iTunes compatibility for both audio and video podcasts.  You can activate it from the Plugins tab of your dashboard.  This functionality is currently in testing. Please comment on this post […]

Tags and Toys to Play With Them

We are in the process of initiating a site-wide tag tracking system. While we’re getting it online, we’ve also brought on the popular WP-Cumulus plugin which can now be enabled from via the Plugin tab in your dashboard. We’ve enabled it on this blog so you can see it in action. Have fun!