SEO and Sitemaps Online

Today we’ve brought the SEO and Sitemap plugins online. As of last check, all plugin functions are working and generating files and fields correctly. 

What this adds:

  • The sitemap functionality will automatically generate a Google-compatible XML sitemap for each blog generated on the site and it will update this file as you update your blog. This XML sitemap is essential for ensuring that Google will properly read your content for in-depth searches of blogs.
  • SEO functionality has now been added to every blog. This means you can add custom information in order to optimize your posts for search engines using the fields provided under the heading “All in One SEO Pack.” The plugin is modified to automatically generate keywords and descriptions based off of post content, tags, excerpts, and categories. This will allow for full optimization of all posts, even for those uninterested in manually adding terms to their posts. 

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